Army’s newest war game: Army of the Americas

Army of The Americas is a massive new military war game that is expected to take place in 2025.

The game will reportedly include some of the largest armies ever to be created.

The project is expected, however, to take advantage of a huge increase in the number of computer simulations that are being used to develop war games.

The new Army of THE Americas is currently the biggest military game ever developed, according to military experts, according a report published by Defense Technology.

The Pentagon plans to spend up to $1.4 billion on the game.

The plan is to build an army of up to 1 million soldiers in a war game with realistic weaponry and combat scenarios.

A military spokesperson told CNN that the project will include “more than 400 nations, cities, cities of the world.”

The game is also expected to feature the same realistic weapons and tactics used by the United States military.

The military hopes to be able to show a realistic depiction of military forces of the future, such as the Navy’s “Sierra Nova” missile, the spokesperson said.

According to the Pentagon, the Army of Americas is expected “to provide the world with the most realistic, realistic, authentic and realistic war simulation to date.”

According to a previous report, the Pentagon will spend up at least $1 billion on developing the game in 2020.

The government plans to start a $25 million competition to create a new version of the game based on current technologies.

The competition will look to find technologies that could be used in the new game.

A source told CNN the military is looking to “be the first to show the world that the military can be scaled up and that we can do it in a realistic manner, and that this can be done in a cost effective way, and in a way that’s affordable.”

The military has been trying to scale up its own version of World War II by using the same technology as the United Nations, the report said.