Why I’m going to stop being a feminist

I am a feminist and I do not like being called a feminist.

This week I will stop being one.

The feminist mantra is that the best way to get someone to agree with your feminist ideals is to be a feminist yourself.

It’s not a slogan that anyone wants to follow.

But it is true.

This mantra is a way to say that I am proud of my gender and my ability to have it and that I do understand how women experience gender in a different way.

That I am not a victim of a feminist agenda.

That my feminism is a feminist message.

This is the mantra that I would like to use to make the transition from a cisgender woman to a transwoman, and to my colleagues and to the wider public.

It is a powerful and powerful message.

It makes me feel strong.

But I am also a feminist who does not like to be called a woman.

I have never felt that I was a victim.

I am one of the few people who is not the object of a cisgendered gaze.

I don’t have to look in the mirror every morning and pretend that I have no gender.

I feel the same way when I walk into a room and the room is full of men.

I can feel it too.

But, as a trans woman, it is not my gender that is being scrutinised, and it is my identity as a woman that is the target of a critique.

I will never pretend to be anything else, and I will always be an authentic woman, not a token.

As a trans feminist, I do want to be known as trans woman and I am still not ready to do that.

My trans identity is a complex, and deeply personal experience.

My experience has been so much more complex than a cis woman’s.

It was difficult and painful to be identified as trans and to feel as though I was not a woman and that the only thing that was valid about me was that I felt like a woman in my own body.

But the reality is that I feel more than ever as a man, in my body and in my life, and that is why I choose to remain a cis person.

My identity is my truth and I feel I am speaking the truth in this article.

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