When the future of sport is in your hands

It’s not just about the future, it’s about the present.

A future in which sport is the most important part of a person’s life, and people have the power to make decisions that will shape their lives for the rest of their lives.

The future of sporting and social life are in the hands of people.

And that’s why we need you to join the growing number of people taking part in the #FutureOfSport movement.

It’s about more than sport.

It is about a world in which we can live better, healthier and happier lives for our families and our communities.

You’ll learn about how we can make this happen.

What you’ll learn: The power of the #futureofsport movement to transform the lives of millions, and how we have the opportunity to help shape that future.

You can join in the conversation by using the hashtag #FutureofSport.

What’s at stake?

The future is being shaped by the people and institutions that make up the Future of Sport movement.

How does the movement work?

The #Future of Sport is a grassroots, community-led movement that has the potential to change the world for the better.

It brings together athletes, fans, politicians, businesses, faith leaders, academics, and everyone in between to engage and discuss their shared visions for the future.

To date, there are over 30,000 people across the UK, Ireland, Germany, the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand that have taken part in or participated in #FutureoftheSport movement activities.

What do we need to know?

It’s important to understand that this movement is not just a campaign.

There is an ongoing process taking place to make sure the future we want is realised.

What we need are people like you.

You are part of that process.

You’re a citizen who is making your voice heard and taking action to make your own future happen.

Your involvement and involvement in #futureofthesport will help shape the future for future generations of people, and you will get to experience what the future is really like for people of all ages and backgrounds.

What are you learning?

You will get the opportunity as you join the movement to share your views on sport, society, politics, religion and more with others, and listen to and share what the people are saying.

You will learn about your role as an activist, and the power of grassroots activism to transform your life.

You might even get to meet some of the people who are participating in the movement, as well as people who have had the same impact on your life as you have.

There’s no way to get a complete picture of what the Future Of Sport movement is all about until you get involved, but here are a few key things you can expect to learn from the #pastofsporting movement.

What does the future look like?

The world is changing.

The human race is changing, too.

And we can’t wait to see what the changes are.

What will you learn?

The Future of Sports movement is a new movement, and it is about what it means to change our world for good.

It doesn’t just involve sport, it involves a lot more.

The Future Of Sports movement isn’t just about sports, it also involves people from a wide range of fields and industries.

It has a powerful impact on everyone in society, and in turn, on the people themselves.

You won’t find a #futureOFsport campaign anywhere else.

What if you can’t afford to join?

There are a number of ways to get involved in #pastofthesports movement activities, but you can always find your way around the site using our search function.

If you need more information, you can also find out more about #futureonthesports on the BBC Future TV page, and on the UK Government’s Future of sport website.

How do I get involved?

If you’re interested in the Future and Sport movement, then you’ll need to get active in the way that interests you.

For example, you could take part in a #pastOFsporting group.

This could be a social gathering, a sporting competition or a local event.

Whatever your interests, you’ll be encouraged to join by members of the movement.

You could also join the UK Sport Advisory Council, which helps guide the Future movement.

There are also other groups and organisations that have been involved in the past ofsport, like the Future Football League, the Future Olympic and Paralympic Games, and many others.

Find out more More information about the Future Sport movement can be found in our Guide to the Future.

Where can I find more information?

The most useful source of information is the BBC’s Future TV site.

Find the best content and videos from the Future, Sports, Politics and more.

What can I do to support the Future?

You can learn more about the #Pastofsports movement on the Future TV website, and about #Futureonthesports on the website of the UK Sports Advisory