How to watch the ITV series ‘Empire’ on ITV1

ITV1 is bringing back the classic ‘Empires’ series, but this time, it’s with a new twist.

The new series will be a spin-off of the original ‘Euphoria’, and the cast of characters will be the same, as well as the same actors and the same crew.

The series will have the same original cast as the original series, except the original show’s lead actors will be replaced with the new ones.

The cast of the new series, from left to right, will be as follows:Arjun Kapoor (Empire) as the new Emperor, played by Rahul Shah (Euphoric)Theodore Adhikari (Empress) as Empress of Constantinople, played and written by Vikram KapoorTheaditya Chopra (Espionage) as General, played By Anurag Kashyap (Echoes)Arjun Kashyampra (The Emperor) as Emperor, written by Ajay Kumar (Echo of the Nile)Rajiv Gandhi (The War) as President, played in the series by Ranveer Singh (The King)Prakash Chavan (Ember) as his son and confidante, played as well by Rahul KapoorSampath Kumar (The Empress) as her eldest daughter and confidant, playedBy Shahnawaz Ahmed (The Queen)Sikhsinh Vidyalakshmi (Eternal Empire) as emperor’s consort, playedAlso read:The original series was launched on ITV in 1992, and the series was adapted into a film in 1993.

The show has been watched by over a billion people and won multiple awards including the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award for Best Television Series, Golden Globe Award for best television drama, Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in British Television for Best Drama, the BAFTA Award for Excellence in Television, and a BAFTA Media Award.