How to get around Sydney without taking a ferry

How to Get Around Sydney without Taking a Ferry Sydney’s long-awaited ferry overhaul is finally about to get underway.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance said it would be running by next year.

The $200 million upgrade will be the first in a series of $2 billion ferry overhauls to the city since the city began replacing its aging fleet.

It will see a new fleet of 50 ships and allow for better operation and management of the system.

The new ships will be equipped with automated systems that will allow for quicker turnaround times and greater safety.

Transport for NSW said the fleet would be operating from September.

“The new fleet will deliver an improved service for the public and the businesses that depend on it, while also providing a new option for many businesses to use the existing Sydney Harbour Bridge,” Mr Constance told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“[It will] also give Sydney a new and more flexible way of managing the daily commute to and from work, making it more efficient for residents and businesses to move around the city,” he said.

As part of the overhaul, the government has also committed to funding the construction of four new ferry terminals, including a terminal for the first time in the city’s history.

The terminals will be on the Darling Harbour side of the city.

More to come.