Health care: The next frontier

Health care is the next frontier for the United States.

We are a nation built on health care.

But we also need to build on what we have in terms of our education system.

We have this massive infrastructure that is not sustainable and we need to take care of that.

I want to build that infrastructure in the way that we have to take advantage of the fact that the United State has the world’s best health care system, the world, frankly, has a better health care infrastructure than any other country on earth.

I will not only build on the existing system, but I want us to use it to build something better and to make sure we have an amazing system of health care for our citizens.

I think that is a very important, very fundamental task that I’m going to continue to pursue.

This is not the time for a second term in office.

This election is not about the president.

It’s about the American people.

And if the American public sees that I will be leading this country forward with innovation, with a new vision for America and with a vision for the future, then they will be more inclined to vote for me and I will have a chance to get this job done.

And the more they hear that, the more confidence I have in the American voters.

This country has never been better positioned to have this kind of a strong economy and a great middle class.

And we’ve had so many people who have made a career out of this country, who have had a good life, and they’re starting to see that, I think, and you’re going to see a lot of people coming out in droves to vote on Nov. 8.

The question for the Republican Party is, what kind of agenda do you want to put forward?

The answer is the same as the answer for the Democrats, it’s about putting a business-friendly agenda in front of the American voter.

We need to invest in jobs, in education, in our infrastructure, in health care, in everything that’s been missing out on for so long.

We’ve got to take America back.

And our plan is not going to come out of Washington.

It is going to be delivered in the statehouses.

This year we’re going back to our states, we’re gonna focus on building up our business and rebuilding our economy and the American middle class is going a long way in this election.

That is a bold plan that I believe in.

I believe that America is the best place in the world to do business, and we can do better than that.

We can create more jobs, we can invest more money, we have the opportunity to grow the economy, but it’s not going anywhere.

We’re going be able to take it forward in a new direction.

So I will take on the Democrats and we are going to put the American worker first.

And that means creating a new American energy and a new America, because our economy is built on the ingenuity and ingenuity of our American workers.

Thank you very much, and God bless.