A new anti-virus company launches, aims to make life harder for the virus

Business Insider / Reuters article Business Editor / By Nick O’Brien (CNN)  A new anti to virus company has unveiled a new antivirus software product that will make life hard for the coronavirus. 

CovidXpress aims to be the first of its kind in the UK to stop people infected by the virus from being able to access certain websites and apps, according to a press release.

The new company, which has not been named, has been developing the new software for around a year.

Covadix, based in Coventry, is the brains behind the new technology, which uses software that uses a specialised antivirus engine.

It is not yet available in the United States.

In a statement to CNNMoney, the company said: “We know that the current technology for preventing people from accessing certain websites is not always reliable.

We’ve been working closely with our partners in the NHS, as well as with other partners to develop new technology that will be able to offer our customers a safer, more secure environment for the future.”

The company says it will offer the new anti in the U.K. by the end of the year, and is hoping to have it available in other markets in the next 12 to 18 months.

It said its new technology would also offer some “security benefits” over existing systems.

The company said it will use the new antiviruses to “enable our users to access a wide range of websites and services that have been blocked or restricted for reasons of their nature.” 

CavidXPRESS is a new company which has been developed by CovidX, a startup founded by a team of cybersecurity experts in Covid, UK.

The team behind the company are also a group of cybersecurity industry experts who started their company in 2012 to develop a new anti virus that would stop people who are infected by coronaviruses from accessing the websites and applications that are blocked by the new coronaviral-fighting software.

The software was created in the same year as a similar virus was released by a private security firm, Kaspersky Lab, which also uses antivirus engines.

Cavids new technology will be a bit different, it says, in that it is a new software engine designed to protect the user from “threats from the internet, social media, and malicious software”.

“The user experience of this new engine is more secure than previous engine, because it does not use the same antivirus,” the company says in the press release, adding that the engine “allows users to have a more secure browsing experience, which is particularly important when they are accessing sensitive information, such as bank accounts, passwords, and sensitive personal information.”

According to the company, it is aiming to provide the technology to NHS staff and other people who need it.

“We have been working with NHS staff to build a new engine to protect them from these types of attacks, to enable them to access their data from the cloud and to protect their sensitive information,” the release says.

“The new engine will also allow people to be safer, with the new engine being used by users of the NHS in the future and to allow people who want to access sensitive information to do so securely.”

“This new engine also has the ability to help us to detect new threats, such the spread of malicious software, ransomware and other attacks,” it adds.

The new technology is expected to work in tandem with existing antivirus products and to offer some security benefits over existing ones.

It will be available in 2018.

Civility, privacy and transparencyThe new antiviral engine is designed to offer a “more secure browsing and to make our users safer,” according to the release.

“Covids technology can also protect the privacy of users by providing them with information that is not being shared with third parties, such information can be stored and used in secure ways, and can be encrypted with keyloggers or similar technologies,” it says.

CaviXpress is working with several other cybersecurity firms, including Kasperski Lab, to develop its new antivis software, according an announcement from Covidx.

“CovIDXpress will be partnering with other cybersecurity companies to create an open source antivirus product for the NHS.

Covid’s team has developed a new technology which is able to detect and prevent the spread and spread of viruses, including coronavira and other novel infections,” Covidix said in the announcement.

CevidXPress said it is looking at “other security features that will enhance the user experience”.

“We want to provide a new service to NHS workers that offers them a safer browsing experience by offering them the ability for them to use their personal data and to access more sensitive data on their computer,” it said.

“This is also why we will be collaborating with