Why we should never forget the “big lie” of Iraq and Afghanistan

If you think the Iraq War was a big lie, then consider the fact that it has become one of the biggest lies of the modern era.

In addition to being the biggest lie of the Cold War, it also served as a cover story for the Bush administration to justify invading and occupying Afghanistan, the second largest war in American history, at the height of the Bush-Cheney administration’s total and complete domination of the country.

The “Iraq War” was the first and only war in modern American history to be “fought with lies,” and that is precisely what it was.

And while it was largely a myth, the “war” in Afghanistan is just as mythic as Iraq.

The myth that the Taliban was a genuine insurgent group is also false, but the “terrorist group” is a figment of the imagination of the administration’s neocon ideologues.

In fact, the Taliban is a product of the U.S. strategy of perpetual war that was created during the Bush and Obama administrations to achieve regime change and overthrow the government of Afghanistan, which the U,S.

government had been arming for over a decade.

And just as with Iraq, this war is still used as a pretext for an American occupation of Afghanistan.

The war was originally launched to create a “safe haven” for the Taliban in the Central Asian republics of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, where the Taliban are currently battling an Afghan army that is backed by the United States, NATO, and Saudi Arabia.

The goal was to isolate the Taliban and eventually overthrow their government.

It was the same strategy that the U (and later the United Kingdom) employed to destabilize the governments of neighboring Pakistan and Afghanistan in the 1990s.

The Taliban, in fact, was the very “terrorist” group the U had been working to topple for years.

This war was the culmination of the neoconservative plan to transform Afghanistan into a puppet state for U.