When the world turned red: How Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps helped push the West to war

Iran has long been a target of the West, but the IRGC has taken its fight to the next level.

Iran has been labeled a terrorist state by the United States and Europe for its nuclear weapons program, and its military has been accused of carrying out drone attacks against civilians.

Now, in a rare interview, the IRG’s top leader has acknowledged that Iran was behind the September 11 attacks and how it had pushed the United State and other Western nations to launch the first war in the Middle East. 

In an interview with Newsweek published Wednesday, Mohammad-Reza Jafari was asked if he believes that Iran’s actions had any direct effect on the September 12 attacks. 

“We have not been in the position of the United Nations to judge,” Jafarian said.

“We were the ones who had the responsibility.

We were the one who brought down the Twin Towers.” 

“Iran is not a target for us,” he added.

“They [the U.S. and European nations] cannot blame us.

But we are responsible for the crimes committed by the West.” 

Jafarian, who has previously said that the September attacks were “a result of the fact that the world is under the sway of a few people,” said that he was “not sure” that Iran and its proxies would have launched the attacks if they had been confronted with real threats.

“It is not the first time that the West has been blamed for the Islamic revolution,” Jaffari said.

“I do not know if the Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible, but I do know that it was the West that created the situation in the first place.”

Jafari said that Iran would not let the West dictate its actions, adding that Iran had always been a “moderate” nation. 

When asked if the September terror attacks would have happened without the United Sates intervention, Jafarari replied: “No, I do not think so.

I do think it was a result of what happened in the United Kingdom.”

“The West and the United states want to create chaos in the region, but they have created chaos themselves.

They have been creating chaos for decades.

So I think we have a responsibility to do what we have to do to prevent the world from going to war,” he said.