What to Expect When You Find Out About the Latest Murder in the Philippines

Posted November 24, 2018 05:07:00In the Philippines, the murder of an innocent man has shocked the country.

The incident has led to protests, a state of emergency, a mass protest movement, and even a coronavirus outbreak. 

The Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte is widely seen as an anti-establishment figure, a political polarizer who has called for the murder and detention of suspected drug dealers, drug lords, and anyone who stands in his way. 

A recent investigation into the case found that the death was a brutal attack, a result of the man’s perceived disrespect for the state, the police, and his family. 

“The victim, a Filipino man named Manuel Ceballos, was a respected businessman who had been accused of corruption and fraud,” said an official statement from the Philippine National Police (PNP).

“His family has expressed deep concern about his mental state, and we believe it is necessary to arrest him to establish a crime of violence against the police and the judiciary.”

The official statement goes on to note that the PNP believes that “the victim is a threat to the PDP (Philippine Democratic Party) and the PDB (People’s Democratic Party),” referring to the two parties that Duterte is trying to form. 

In a video released on social media by the PPD, the victim’s wife, who was the sole witness to the attack, can be heard crying and begging the police to stop. 

At one point, a PNP sergeant can be seen speaking to her, trying to calm her down. 

But at another point, the sergeant yells: “The mother is crying.

The father is crying, they are screaming.

Stop it. 

He is bleeding everywhere, we have to stop this.”

The video was shared on social networking sites, and has since been viewed more than 11 million times.

A few days after the attack on Manuel Cefalo, the PPP issued a statement calling for an investigation into his death.

“I think the government should do an investigation, and if there’s enough evidence to charge the accused, then it should,” said PPP vice chairperson Albert del Rosario.

“He was killed because he had the audacity to call the PVP and the police.

And that is something that can never be forgiven.” 

In the meantime, the Philippine government has been making moves to hold the alleged killer accountable, and it appears that he has been able to move forward with his case.

The latest victim, the alleged mastermind of the attack is currently in jail.

But if he is not found guilty, the authorities will be able to put the matter behind them. 

According to a statement from his lawyer, the accused had confessed to the murder in an interview with investigators, but he was still being questioned by police.

“The PNP is in a state like a house of cards,” lawyer Michael Aranda told Vice News.

“It’s like an experiment.

The PNP has been investigating the case for months, and now it has finally brought him to trial.” 

“I don’t think this man has any hope of ever being brought to justice.

He is not a suspect, he is just a suspect.

If the PFP wants to get rid of this man, I would love to see them do that.

If they do that, they will be completely destroying the country,” Aranda said.