Venezuela: Death toll rises to at least 35 amid unrest

Venezuela’s government on Saturday said that at least three people had died in unrest in the southern city of Valencia, where police shot dead at least a dozen people after a clash with demonstrators.

The government blamed an “anti-government” mob that had clashed with the police on Saturday night.

“Today we have confirmed the death of a citizen of Valencia,” the Interior Ministry said in a statement, adding that the death toll had risen to 35.

A group of demonstrators clashed with riot police after a gathering on Sunday night, in Valencia, Venezuela’s second-largest city, where scores of people have been killed in a year of unrest that has engulfed the South American country.

Protesters, who have been demanding President Nicolas Maduro’s resignation, threw stones at the riot police, breaking windows and burning tires.

Maduro has faced growing criticism for his response to the unrest, which has killed thousands of people.

On Friday, a federal judge declared the unrest in Valencia a “riot” and ordered the arrest of Maduro’s security chief, who has been detained on accusations of inciting violence.

Venezuela’s Supreme Court on Friday ordered that Maduro be freed on bond pending trial.

The unrest has left hundreds of people dead, many of them in the streets, and caused widespread looting.

More: President Nicolas Maduro on Friday vowed to fight back against “terrorism,” saying his government was “not going to accept” a “new” crisis in Venezuela.

He called on Venezuelans to take to the streets on Sunday, calling on the opposition to unite behind him.

“The only way out of this crisis is through the people,” Maduro said in televised remarks from his presidential palace.

“They will not accept this violence and this crisis.

The people are our strongest partners.”

More from the Associated Press: The country has been rocked by a wave of protests and protests have become increasingly violent since Maduro took power in 2013.

Maduro’s socialist government has blamed the unrest on right-wing opposition groups and the United States.

Maduro says his government is doing everything to quell the unrest.