The Trump administration is taking a hard line on religious freedom

President Donald Trump and his administration are taking a tough line on religion.

This comes as the Trump administration’s Department of Justice announced that the Obama administration had granted religious freedom protections to the LGBTQ community.

The Trump Administration is taking this tough stance on religious freedoms, and the Trump Administration has threatened to withhold funding to any organizations that fail to comply with the administration’s new religious freedom regulations.

The President has also made an official declaration that all Americans are entitled to the protection of religious freedom.

The White House released a statement Thursday stating that the Trump White House has been working with the Department of Education to review and clarify religious freedom law to ensure that religious institutions can continue to serve their communities.

“This Administration is working to ensure religious institutions have the legal protections they need to continue to flourish, and continue to thrive for all Americans,” said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

“As we seek to advance religious liberty for all, we are committed to working with state and local governments to ensure they have the tools they need in order to protect their communities and their people.”

The Trump White and Republican Congress have made no secret of their desire to defund religious institutions.

In February, Republican Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah said that he would be introducing legislation to defund all public schools if he became President.

Trump has also said that if he were elected President he would defund the federal government over religious liberty, which he said would mean that schools would be closed and students forced to attend religious schools.

The Trump administration has made clear that religious liberty protections are not a right, but rather a privilege that individuals can claim.

“There is no religious freedom in America.

Period,” said Trump on March 5, when asked about the religious liberty issue during a campaign rally.

While Trump has not directly addressed the issue, he has repeatedly spoken about the issue on the campaign trail and at his rallies, and on February 23 he made it clear that he believed the right to religious freedom should be protected.

Trump has not yet released any proposed budget for the next fiscal year, and there is no timeline for the administration to make any changes to the government’s religious freedom guidelines.

Ahead of Trump’s inauguration, the White House announced that it was ending a program that offered tax breaks to religious groups that perform same-sex marriages.

In February, the Trump family launched a $1.9 million campaign to hire a lawyer to represent the administration in the lawsuit over the administration guidance that it did not want to discriminate against the LGBTQ communities.

On March 5th, the President signed an executive order that would repeal the Obama-era regulation on religious institutions that had been in place since March 2013.

As part of the order, the administration also announced that all federal agencies, including the Federal Communications Commission, would be required to comply fully with the president’s proclamation.