How to write a ‘future post’ in a Trump-era political moment

The new administration has become a lightning rod for protests and protests over Trump’s controversial immigration policies, and the president has made it clear he’s prepared to go to war with the media. 

But the new administration also has an opportunity to turn a corner in the way that it uses social media and the Internet to reach the American people, and a look at how it’s using that power and the social media platforms it’s leveraging could be a major boon for President-elect Donald Trump.

The United States has a unique set of unique challenges that come with the advent of the Internet.

The United States was the first country in the world to implement the Web, and since then, the Internet has changed the world.

The advent of social media has given people the tools to share ideas and share information, and it has helped the United States connect with other countries and engage with the world in a way that few countries have been able to.

That’s why social media is a big deal in our world, and I think that, even more than it was a few years ago, we are heading in the right direction.

We’ve just got to make sure we’re paying attention to what the new president is going to do.

I think that he has a lot of options that he can use to create more opportunities for our citizens to express themselves in a more creative way.

That can lead to more opportunities to have more impact, to be able to get the word out, to make more impact in the minds of people around the world, as well as get the president elected.

So, he has an incredible opportunity to do both.

We’ve seen how effective social media can be, and we’re also seeing that the new Trump administration is using social media to push a message that is at odds with the president’s.

We see a lot more of the Trump administration using social networks, in particular Twitter and Instagram, to try to get attention.

They’re trying to use social media for a purpose other than the president himself is actually using it for.

That is very different than the previous administration.

We think that’s going to be a very positive development.

I think it’s going, in the coming months, to create a lot greater visibility for the new White House, which will hopefully bring about more of a sense of openness and transparency that was a hallmark of previous administrations.

In the future, I think the Trump team is going, we’ll see how the president is taking advantage of that, and how he’s using social platforms, but I think, especially now, with the fact that the administration is looking at new avenues of engagement, I believe that the potential of social platforms to help amplify and promote the new agenda that’s being put forward by the president, is going be very much there.