How to watch Iowa’s presidential debate: All you need to know about the GOP debate

With all eyes focused on the Republican debate in Des Moines, Iowa, this week, the Democratic race for the White House is heating up.

The candidates are competing in a debate that is being billed as a “game changer” by some and an opportunity for the public to “see who is the better candidate.”

But the stakes could be much higher than just that.

In the days ahead, a number of new developments could be seen in Iowa.

First, a new poll from the Des Moines Register and the University of Iowa showed former President Barack Obama leading Republican challenger Mitt Romney by a margin of about 10 percentage points in Iowa and New Hampshire, with the poll indicating a slight narrowing in the race in Iowa’s final week of the week.

But a new CNN/ORC poll released on Monday put the race between the two candidates at just two points, with Biden leading Romney by 2 points in New Hampshire and Biden leading by 1 point in Iowa in a hypothetical match-up.

In an editorial, the Deseret News noted that Biden’s strong showing in Iowa could prove problematic in the weeks ahead.

But even before Biden’s showing in New York City on Sunday night, his campaign was preparing to field an onslaught of television ads ahead of the debate.

“Biden is a strong leader, and he is a stronger candidate than Romney,” said Joe Trippi, Biden’s campaign manager.

“We’ve got a great campaign team ready to do this.

It’s up to Iowa.”

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