How to make your house look less like a haunted house

An eerie, surreal, and terrifying house is just the beginning of the creepy stuff that can be lurking under your kitchen floorboards.

The internet’s fascination with creepy, unsettling house décor, though, could be the new home of the next house trend.

Read moreA study published by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the UK’s Institute of Archaeology found that, over time, the more eerie house découples become, the fewer people are willing to visit.

“We found that even when people were willing to go, they were far less likely to go in a house that looked like a ghostly haunt,” said study co-author Dr Alex Storrie, from the University of Leicester.

“The effect was pretty clear when people had to visit more than one home.”

In fact, this was even true for people who weren’t looking to spend more than a few days.

In other words, the researchers were seeing a positive correlation between the number of creepy house décolours you choose to display and how likely you are to be disturbed.

“People who were not bothered by the house decoration, were more likely to visit a haunted home,” Dr Storries told the BBC.

The research also found that people who choose the “horror” theme were more inclined to buy new homes.

“What you might think is that when you’re not going to have the chance to look at a house you’ve made, you want to make sure that you’ve got something to look forward to,” Dr Gediminas added.

“There are certain things you need to do to make a house look like it’s haunted, and if you’ve chosen a house theme, then you’re likely to have that theme in mind.”

“You can get some sort of emotional reaction from people if they’re disturbed,” she said.

“For example, people who are disturbed by the colour of the flooring, the furniture, the lights, they might feel uncomfortable about that.”

The researchers say the research should be useful for homeowners who want to avoid “scary” or “horrifying” décor.

“It’s something that can definitely be used in the home to make the house look a little less like an old abandoned house and more like a new one,” Dr Karpa said.

“If you don’t like the house you’re looking at, or the colour or the design of the furniture or the floor, that can certainly get you frustrated.”