When the economy falters, you should have no worries about unemployment

AUSTRALIA’S unemployment rate remains stubbornly high, with the latest figures showing more than 14 per cent of Australians were still unemployed in the second quarter of this year.

The ABS data shows that 12.9 per cent were unemployed as of the end of September, up from 10.7 per cent at the end the previous quarter.

The number of people claiming unemployment benefits has also been increasing.

It rose by 2,000 in the latest quarter to 9.9 million, while those who were unemployed for more than a month also rose by 3,500 to 10.9m.

The figures show a rise in the number of unemployed Australians from last quarter.

“I think people should be worried about unemployment,” Mr Scott said.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty around it.

They’re not necessarily being paid for the work they’re doing, they’re just not being paid.”AAP/ABC