How to use the fl tag to tell if a friend is a friend of an enemy

The fl tag is a tag that is used to mark enemies as enemies in Battlefield 4.

Here’s how to use it in your game.

When you use the tag, the flag is replaced with a number, and the player is considered a friend.

The number indicates the level of the enemy, as well as the amount of damage they have taken.

The player can then choose to either fight them or to avoid them.

The fl flag is a common tactic, but it’s also a pretty big deal.

It can make or break a battle.

The flag is an important part of Battlefield 4’s strategy, and a lot of players are going to be using the fl flag.

Here are some tips on how to set up your game so it doesn’t get in the way of you doing what you need to do:1.

Make sure that the enemy is flagged as an enemy to begin with.2.

If you want your opponent to get an advantage, make sure they are flagged as enemies too.3.

When playing as a friend, set up fl flags as soon as possible, or at least right away.4.

You should always set up a fl flag for yourself and only your friend if you’re sure that they won’t use it to gain an advantage.5.

When using the flag, try to avoid fighting your enemy.

If the flag appears in your sights, stop and wait until the enemy flag has disappeared.6.

If an enemy has already taken damage, or is about to do so, stop fighting and take cover.7.

If there’s a sniper in the room, try not to let the sniper shoot you.

The sniper’s range is too short, so he can still aim at you from a distance.8.

You can also avoid fights if you are crouching.

You want to get as close as possible to your enemies, but don’t put yourself in danger.9.

If your opponent is not in cover, make a quick dash towards them.

If possible, make it to cover as quickly as possible.10.

If they’ve just been shot, you can run out of cover.

You’ll have to return fire, but if you can make it out alive, that’s better.11.

If all of the above fails, you may want to turn the fl back on and see if your opponent has returned.

If so, try running toward the area that you saw your enemy in, and wait for them to return.12.

If that doesn’t work, you should try getting close to the enemy and using the Fl tag again.

If it does, you will be able to use your fl to help your ally take a hit.13.

You also can set up Fl flags on your own to help you out.

When your friend uses the fl, they will now be in a different part of the map.

They will see a flag on the ground, a flag in the air, and then a flag with a red dot on it.

This is a good opportunity for you to use a fl.14.

If, while playing with a friend on the same map, you get a good kill and the enemy player is down to 100 health, try getting back in there and taking the flag from the other player.

If both players have their fl flags on, they are now allies.15.

If someone is going to try and get back in, they should get close to you and try to use their fl.

If a fl is already on, that means they are enemies.16.

If this is a repeatable problem, try setting up fl flag locations so that they will always be in the same spot, even if it means a whole lot of fighting.

This way, if you get killed by the enemy’s fl, you won’t be so upset about losing the flag.