How to get a ‘C’ on your SAT: This week’s top 5

Financially, the 2017-18 football season was one of the best in recent memory.

Not only did the league put together a respectable haul of revenues, but the season itself saw the highest-ever average attendance.

That’s not to mention that the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers both won their respective NFC East divisions.

There were a lot of big-ticket items going on, too, with the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, the NFL Draft and the College Football Playoff all all coming in. 

In the end, however, the top five teams were the top-ranked teams in each conference and the best-selling jerseys.

For the week, we’ve put together the top 5 football players of 2017, which you can find in our “Top 5 NFL Players” column.

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