How to deal with graffiti on public property

A series of graffiti tags on a car in South Auckland on Thursday afternoon.

(Supplied: Auckland Police)Auckland police had been on high alert following a spate of vandalism in Auckland, including a large number of the tags being found on cars, prompting the council to temporarily close parts of its central business district.

Auckland Council is taking enforcement actions, including issuing temporary closures and restricting access to the Central Business District to the public, to address the graffiti situation.

Chief executive Simon McBurney said police were working with the public and the community to identify the offenders.

“The graffiti was discovered on a motor vehicle, it was not a deliberate act of vandalism and the offender has been identified and has been charged.”

We are taking the appropriate enforcement actions to minimise the impact on our city and its residents and visitors.

“He said the vandalism was not connected to a recent spate of incidents in Auckland which involved similar graffiti.

But he said it was “not a good time” to be a resident of Auckland, and it was important that people were aware of the law and the risk of vandalism.”

Residents and visitors to the city are being warned about this crime and should report any suspicious behaviour,” he said.

McBurney also urged residents to take the following precautions to reduce their risk of getting hit by a vehicle:Always park in a well-lit area, always use your headlamps, keep your windows closed, wear a helmet and have a good attitude.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Be cautious and wear your seatbelt when driving.

Report any suspicious activity, such as graffiti, to Auckland Police.