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The National Health Service, which is under pressure from the public over the safety of its patients, has launched an investigation into the safety protocols of its nursing home staff after an inquest heard how two of the nursing home’s residents had died.

In February last year, a man who had been at the facility for seven years died of a cardiac arrest and a woman who had lived at the home for 12 years had also died.

The inquest heard the nursing homes had been criticised for failing to take safety precautions.

“It is very concerning that this has happened in this country,” said Dr Emma McIlwraith, the director of nursing homes at the National Health Services, which has an annual budget of £3.3 billion.

It is difficult to find a case where there have been serious safety breaches, but there have certainly been incidents,” she said.

One nurse who has worked at the homes for five years said she did not know how the residents had been treated and said that it was difficult to say how they would have died had the facility not been inspected.

The coronavirus epidemic has hit nursing homes hard.

The nursing homes have been among the worst hit in the UK and many have been forced to close.

There have also been calls for tighter regulation and tighter oversight over the facilities.

Nursing homes in the south of England were among the first to be forced to open their doors in the wake of the pandemic.

However, the latest coronaviruses found in nursing homes has come from three different areas of England and Wales.

In south London, a coronaviral case was found in a nursing home in March.

In the north-west, it was in the home of a family in Shrewsbury.

Dr McIlwych said it was “a bit like the coronavivirus outbreak in the US”, with the deaths occurring in nursing home settings in two of these areas.

She said that because of the nature of the coronivirus, there were “strong and strong links” between the two cases.

On Thursday, the Royal College of Nursing, the British Association for Nursing and Midwifery, and the Royal Society of Nursing will meet to discuss the case, the coronavalvirus.

Professor Sir Peter Reuter, the chief executive of the Royal Association, said it had been a “terrible blow” to the nursing industry.

There are currently no coronavirotic coronavillars in the United Kingdom, he said.